23 July 2009

Decisions! ... Decisions! ... Decisions!

(...to the tune of Tradition! of course)

It's not entirely clear where one should go when one wants very much to play around with large felines more or less on their terms and do work in a hot climate on animal and nature conservation. Zambia, Zimbabwe, Namibia, South Africa? Although I started off really wanting to take care of lions and work on rehabilitation, breeding, etc. with them, I have grown more and more fond of cheetahs in reading about them and looking at footage of these cats.

"Volunteer" opportunities exist, but duplicates crop up and vary only slightly in cost. Speaking of cost, well, let's say it's not cheap to have an experience of a lifetime. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure there are experiences of a lifetime that cost nothing at all. Just not these. I fully expect the African wildlife portion of the upcoming 9-month journey to be the most expensive. Let's hope that turns out to be the case.

As of now, I'm hoping to start in the western portion of southern Africa and work my way east. Flights to Namibia from Seattle seem to be cheaper than flights to Livinstone, Zambia (or even Lusaka), so the adventure will likely begin (or continue!) there.

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