03 September 2009

Leaving South Africa (for the First Time)

What an incredibly eventful day this has turned out to be. Woke up after only 2.5 hours of sleep - why did I stay up so late? For breakfast I had a poached egg, toast, tomato, sausage, not so crispy bacon, apricot jam, berry yogurt, juice, instant coffee (pretty much the only coffee I'm told you get on a regular basis here). After a ride with Arthur to the airport during which we briefly talked about his desire to see District 9 and my having seen it. Maybe I'll stay with them again passing through Jo'burg, maybe I'll try somewhere else. The beer last night was about $1.50. I wonder if tasty tasty SA wine is as cheap!

South African Airways apparently serves a "light lunch" on the two-hour flight from JHB to WDH, which leaves at 9:45am (Jo'burg time) and arrives at 10:45 (Windhoek time). Cutting costs by cutting out meals? Not here! I was smelling peppers on the plane thinking, "I'm not really hungry and definitely do not want the barley, mixed vegetable, warm fruit combo I had twice on the flight from the US to SA. Fortunately, the flight attendant mistakenly offered it to the French man sitting in the aisle seat. He shooed it away. She said, "Mr, Ro/dzh/as, you don't want it?" He waved his hand again. I said nothing. Chicken and roasted potatoes and peppers for lunch it was.

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  1. Flying South African Airways and even SA Express (their smaller connectors), I was also surprised by the food they served. Good stuff, and they even had Kit Kats for dessert! YUM!