20 August 2009

How Does One Cook a Wolf, Anyway?

Last night I was treated to dinner at Ethan Stowell's How to Cook a Wolf on Queen Anne. This place was on my radar for a while and then somehow fell off. In a way, I'm glad. It was much more special to go there and truly appreciate everything about my experience in the way that I did with a friend I don't get to see that often than it may have been to just go on a whim for no real reason a few months ago. Thanks, David!


  1. How to Cook a Wolf is my favorite Stowell creation! They have amazing scallops and hamachi carpacio.

    Have you tried Tavern Law yet?

  2. I haven't been to Tavern law yet. I suspect that will just have to wait until next summer. Hadn't heard of it. My mind's been elsewhere recently. The dining experience at HtCaW was lovely, though. If it can compare, I'm there.